M i n d f u l c o o k i n g  
My favourite season. The sunshine becomes lazy and changes colour to a deeper rose gold hue. The breeze gains strength and becomes crisp, chilly on the skin. The grass, plants and produce are wet with droplets of dew protecting them in the mornings. Trees show their character by representing the unique colours of their personalities. A misty blanket lovingly takes the scenery into its mystic and cold embrace. While some animals starts migrating to warmer places other animals start coming out to enjoy a golden wonderland that autumn creates. A barely visible majestic stag in dark earthy fields, basking in the sunlight with its head held high is a sight to behold.  
Autumn brings with it an abundance of produce: apples, berries, figs, mushrooms, pumpkins, root veg and dark leafy green to name a few. There is an endless list of earthy and warm dishes which can be cooked with the ingredients readily available in this season.  
A lightly spiced, creamy pumpkin soup can take away the chill in the air on a cold afternoon. The smell of buttery pastry on an apple pie flirting with the sweetness of sticky baked apples can make you feel warm instantly.  
The robust flavour of autumnal ingredients compliment gamey meants such as duck and venison very well, be sure to cook some classic dishes and enjoy the flavours of this season. Our meals and course page features a delighful autumn duck recipe.  


Enjoy the lustre and mystique of autumn. Let the imagination breathe and while you cook up classics also try new flavour combinations with the treats available in this season.Autumn is a fantastic time of year to explore the great outdoors, there is something delightful about going out in the fields in this season to explore and enjoy some of nature’s finest fruits. Foraging for nature's treasures allows you to enjoy organic and seasonal produce at its very best. 
Foraging isn't merely about finding free fruits or food. Finding a small umbrella of mushroom growing from the earth or coming across a thorny bush filled with delighful berries is a satisfying experience. Foraging reconnects us to nature, is sustainable, and provides nutritious food for free. 
If you have a sharp eye you may also come across ingredients such wood sorrel and the cobnut. The leaves, flowers and seed pods of wood sorrell are all edible. It has a tangy flavor which resemebles the sharpness of an unripe apple and can be used as a seperate ingredient or seasoning. The cobnut is native to the UK and is a type of wild hazelnut. They have a sweet and mild taste. They are available from August-October. They can be eaten fresh or roasted for a nutty roasty flavour. Cobnuts are a favorite of grey squirrels so the next time you see a squirrel jumping up and down a tree, you may want to look a little closer and you may spot a cobnut nestled away in their frilly green casings. 
If you’ve never foraged for your own wild fruits, then start this autumn. 
However, some fruits and produce can be poisonous so be prepared and aware of what you will be picking before you do so. 

Enjoy the lustre and mystique of autumn. Let the imagination breathe and while you cook up classics also try new flavour combinations with the treats available in this season.  

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